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Another year is well and truly upon us and after my usual summer hiatus I started my painting year this winter with a trip to Brazil where I kicked things off by making some works on paper.

In these works I was still interested in the properties inherent to the materials, as I was last year (see “my creative process unplugged” blog entry below), but with a greater focus on a more metaphysical kind of energy as well.

Since coming back to Australia – and back in the studio – I keep pursuing this direction, as well as using a wider range of materials than the usual oil on linen.

If there is any spiritual insight to be gained from this process I won’t know what it is until sometime after the work is completed… more about it when the time comes.

October 2009 Paddington Show Announced

On another note, I’m happy to announce that  I’m now being represented in Sydney by Iain Dawson Gallery ( www.iaindawson.com ), and have locked in dates for an exhibition there in October 20 to 31 2009.

This show Mainomenos Dionysos will consist of my first consciously Dionysian body of work, produced in 2007 but never previously exhibited. This should be my strongest show to date, since this work marks the consolidation of the new direction I embarked on in 2006 and which was exhibited with great success last year.

If you are on my mailing list you will be receiving an invitation to the opening drinks. If you are not but would like to be please sign up here. Hope to see you there.