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Back in the studio getting my hands dirty

After a short summer break I’m back in the studio with renewed energy and a new focus.

Since connecting with the Dionysian life force energy, in the form of my own sexual energy , my work since 2006 has been the manifestation of this purest of energies which is the essence of painting and everything creative. (See My Creative Process Unplugged).

For the last few years however I’ve been endeavouring to connect with another part of Dionysos. One that is situated outside my body, for Dionysos is everywhere and has many faces.

For this purpose I tried painting at different locations – different places have different energies – and I was able to catch, in my painting, glimpses of such energies while painting in Brazil and on the NSW South Coast, as well as in my backyard.

In such instances I was using more fluid paints such as watercolours and acrylics (also a variety of other more natural media). I would however always revert to tuning into my own sexual energy when working in the studio and in oils.

But in the last few months I’ve been able to experience huge shifts in the energy in me and around me, to the point of being able to feel energy emanating from plants, in the bush but also in the city. As esoteric as this may sound, I’ve actually been able to at times see energy flowing.

I feel I’m learning to open up to energy from outside of my body and have been of late able to take this openness into the studio, while working in oils, and to channel different forms of energy.

While Dionysos is creativity but also madness and destruction, often this new energy I’ve been feeling is somewhat gentler, more nurturing, perhaps more Aphrodiete than Dionysos – even if Dionysos is still present, as he always is, in everything.

I feel this is a very exciting time for me creatively and can’t wait to see what the new work will look like when completed.

Leo, Sydney, 2012