This painting is called Yellow Corner and was recently listed in Australian Art Collector magazine. It is part of my newest body of work which explores huge shifts in energy that I’m experiencing at this point in my life.

Kandinsky, who I’m a big fan of, talks about an abstract painting actually being a universe in itself. I agree with this and I want to make paintings that are like that – but also I want to go beyond this and have the actual universe inhabit the painting itself. This is a bold thing to say and an even harder thing to do, but this is a feeling that I’ve gained by being open to the energy around me.

More information

Yellow Corner can be seen in my Bondi Beach studio in Sydney. I welcome studio visits. Please call 0407 708 284 to make a time. The work is for sale. You can see more of my work at

Yellow Corner (84 x 76cm) Oil on linen. 2005-2012

Yellow Corner by Leonardo Cremonese