Winter Show a Big Success



Leaving Thought Behind

Well, it took a while to pull it off but my first public solo show in a couple of years went really well with many of the works going to new owners. A huge thanks to Feyona van Stom for providing a wonderful space and a great opening night. (I appreciate you washing those 150 wine glasses too!) Despite it being a cold winter’s night we pulled a big crowd and I was so happy to hear people talking about ART instead of politics, the weather or real estate.

The works, for those who missed it, represented a major turning point in my painting practice because they were created in the year in which I was able, for the first time, to truly avoid the influence of the mind on my painting.

This let me produce works of a creative purity that I could only glimpse – but never fully grasp previously. This work also paved the way for the next body of work – produced in 2007. In fact it may be the direction I will spend the rest of my life pursuing!

Anyway, better get back to the studio.